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Tips & Instructions

DO operate your JustBlend with the lid securely screwed on.

DO use only high-quality USB chargers (like the one that came with your phone) and USB-C cables (like the one that came with your JustBlend).

DO allow ingredients to settle in your JustBlend before you unscrew the lid after blending.

DO take care when handling the base of the blender without the jar attached. As a safety precaution, there are magnets in the jar and base of the blender that must be aligned for JustBlend to work. Magnetic objects can fool the base into thinking that the jar is attached and allow the blades to spin.

DO NOT let children use JustBlend unattended. Adult supervision is necessary at all times.

DO NOT put your hands inside your JustBlend or anywhere near the blades.

DO NOT put your JustBlend in a microwave oven, dishwasher, or freezer.

DO NOT use hot liquids over 120°F / 49°C. This can cause damage to the jar and base, including leaks.

DO NOT put anything carbonated in your JustBlend. This may cause pressure to build up in the jar & can result in a mess, damage to the device, or possible injury.

DO NOT put MCT oil in your JustBlend; over time, this can damage the appliance.

DO NOT let food sit in your JustBlend for prolonged periods. Sugar in fruit & vegetables can ferment & build pressure, causing the lid to pop off or the jar to burst.

DO NOT run your JustBlend while it’s empty as this can damage the appliance.

DO NOT immerse the charging cable in water or other liquids to avoid the risk of electric shock.

DO NOT allow the charging cable to touch hot surfaces.

DO NOT charge your JustBlend if it is wet.

We hope you enjoy JustBlend and use it frequently. Thanks again for choosing JustBlend.